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Broken Tooth Repair
This patient had fallen and came in with broken teeth. She was out of the office with a new smile in 45 minutes!
Cosmetic / Esthetic Procedures
Before - Veneers
After - Veneers
Anterior Crowns Before
Anterior Crowns After
CH Before
CH After
EP Before
EP After
Dental Veneers
Dental Veneers
This 17 year old female had congenitally missing/small teeth and spacing. Has had a snap-on smile for years. She had 6 veneers and gum contouring done to fix this.
Esthetic Denstistry
A beautiful smile doesn't have to be expensive. This smile was achieved in two visits by adding and shaping composite.
Orthodontic Procedures
Invisible Braces Before
Invisible Braces Before
Periodontal Cleaning and Bright for Life
After years of avoiding dental treatment due to extreme phobia this patient was given a new smile. With sedation therapy, the patient comfortably had a deep Periodontal cleaning, esthetic bonding added to her lower front teeth, and lightened her smile with our Bright for Life program.
Tooth Whitening Procedure
Bleaching Procedure Before
Bleaching Procedure After